Tinted SPF50 mineral sunscreen

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Shade: Medium

Sunscreen SPF50 and lightweight foundation all in one multifunctional product. The minimalist formula of the product provides protection against UV radiation and photoaging. (40 ml.)

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Simona K. - Head of product development

The two-in-one benefit helps you get ready in a minute, making it perfect for those busy mornings when you don’t have time for an elaborate makeup routine. It gives your skin healthy glow and you will never forget to protect your skin from damaging rays.

Protects the skin from UV radiation (SPF50)

Hydrates the skin

Gently compliments your skin tone

Powerful active ingredients

TITANIUM DIOXIDE - 100% Mineral SPF filter

CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE - Emollient that protects the skin from loss of moisture

MATH Skincare products are created by an international team of scientists who develop innovative evidence-based skincare products.



"This boutique brand harnesses the power of science in skincare in a way accessible to everybody — and easy to understand."

Dermatological tests

We always perform instrumental and user trials to make sure our products do exactly what they're created to do. We know our products work because we have rock solid proof.

Tinted SPF UV protective factor study was performed in accordance with the Recommendation of the Commission of the European Communities on the efficacy of sunscreen products.

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